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About the game

Love, betrayal and coffee!

Zipp's Café is a "noir & chill" little game about a  café between the city of animals and the district of insects. Make unusual   recipes, get involved in shady  dealings, and try to start a new life while searching for love and revenge.

 Zipp's Café is a bittersweet little story of what we have to sacrifice to make a real difference   in our lives,

 while meeting extraordinary characters and preparing unusual   recipes at the boiling edge of the cities of insects and animals.

Meet 5 strange characters and discover what connects them.

Talk to them, and - whether you like it or not - get caught up in their lives.

• Immerse yourself into 3 minigames with completely different moods and mechanics.

 • Brew the most special coffees or teas, prepare unique meals, and... wash the dishes...

• (Because someone has to do the dishes too, you know.)

Play in color,
or in glorious
   NOIR mode!

Key features

Make the best coffee, tea, and dishes in all of Clawville!

Uncover the complicated relationships of your customers

Find love :)

Lose it :(

Take your revenge!

Or just be strong enough to move on...